The "Radiocomp" LLC took part in the exhibition "ExpoElectronica-2019"

22 April 2019. The "Radiocomp" LLC took part in the exhibition "ExpoElectronica-2019"


We invite you to visit our company's booth at the 22nd International Exhibition ExpoElectronica - 2019

March 28, 2019. We invite you to visit our company's booth at the 22nd International Exhibition ExpoElectronica - 2019


"Radiocomp" LLC took part in the exhibition "ChipEXPO-2018"

October 24, 2018 The "Radiocomp" took part in the exhibition "ChipEXPO-2018"


International Exhibition "ChipExpo-2018"

October 2, 2018. We invite you to visit the exhibition ChipExpo in Moscow, in which Radiocomp LLC will take part.


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Vectron Int. SenGenuity division is setting the pace for a significant leap forward in the $50 billion annual global sensor market by designing and manufacturing viscosity, gas and physical sensors. SenGenuity's unique combination of acoustic wave technology and advanced packaging expertise is creating a platform for change and innovation that is rapidly becoming the new standard for performance and reliability in critical data gathering applications.

From the first electronic device ever created to the latest electronic wonder, acoustic wave technology has provided the basis for the heartbeat of electronic systems the world over. Over the years advances in these frequency control products has shown the technology to be very solid, consistent and reliable in critical applications and harsh operating environments. The heightened measurement sensitivity, robust packaging, extremely low power operation, and instantaneous response of acoustic wave based sensors allows design & system engineers the opportunity to provide solutions with performance attributes well beyond what other sensor technologies allow for today.

Staff of SenGenuity believe that knowing what's happening is far better than knowing what happened.



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L.Belov, Viscosity and Temperature SAW Sensors from Vectron Int. // Electronica: NTB, 2009, № 2, pp. 34-38.

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